Choose from Three Different Activities

Interpretation Package

One theme + everyone's interpretation = fun! It is amazing what you discover about your team when presented with a fun challenge of interpreting a given theme. Do they follow instructions to the T or do they think outside the box and make changes? Either way, this package brings everyone together while achieving one theme!

Team Package

Recommended for groups ranging from 15 people to 50 people. This approach works for individuals who are not familiar with each other (for example, branch employees). Groups of 5+ team members work together and rotate turns while learning about each other and how to work with each other in an unusual paint project. The instructor asks each team "qualifying" questions that allow the team to choose their next "artist".

Mural Package

The premiere painting package which allows small or large groups to actively participate in a large mural. A favorite among many companies since it allows you to hang the "large" mural in your office lobby, conference room or break room! Each participant paints a 16x20 canvas then waits for the instructor to place them together like a puzzle. Reinforces the idea that each employee plays a part in the larger picture.

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Our Advantages

Entertain your team in a stress-free environment

Painting is such a great vehicle for your team building activity because it is all about creativity which is the cornerstone of brainstorming. More importanty, completing a painting team building project and celebrating an accomplishment together is a perfect way to unify your team.

Art Class & Wine Glass, the leader in team building in Houston for over 5 years is located in luxurious Vintage Park which has an array of different restaurants for catering convience or before / after lunch or dinner plans. Need us to travel to you? Offsite team building is our specialty! Ask for more info today!


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