Looking for Team Buiding Activities in Houston?
Painting is a Great Team Building Activity for Your Location or Our Studio

Houston Team Building Activities Create Strong Companies
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Step 1 - Choose Your Date and Time

Choose when you would like to have your team building activity. You can decide to have your team building activity as early as 8 am in the morning or anytime you want! Even your team's evening's social event!

Step 2 - Choose Your Location

Choose where you would like to host your team building activities. You can decide to have your team building activity at one of our two destination locations in wonderful Vintage Park in Northwest Houston or in the central Houston Galleria area at The MarqE both with plenty of setup space for bringing your refreshments/snacks. Or, if you perfer, we can come to your office or event location (such as local conference hotels and conference centers.) We can supply tables, chairs, all art supplies and even drop cloths.

    1. Northwest Houston Vintage Park Location
    2. Galleria Area MarqE Location
    3. We can come to your business, set up your team building event and save you the hassle of off-site planning.

Step 3 - Book Your Event

Call 832-474-2585 to book your event over the phone or email directly here: Email Art Class & Wine Glass

Step 4 - Choose Your Painting/Team Option

We have a variety of paintings to choose from on our painting themes page. You can choose from these options:
  • Your group all contributes to a mural (example) where each person paints a section of a mural on their own canvas.
  • Next option: Your group each paints individual theme you chose for group
  • Final option: Your group divides into groups of 5 and "team up" to do a large sized canvas painting

Call today 832-474-2585 for help with team building activites that are super fun and easy.