Tutorial – Learn How to Paint on Ceramics – Tea Cup

Just the other day, I was kidding around with a customer in my studio about how we paint on anything. I told her that we paint on anything that doesn’t move! Sad but true. I have tried painting on many items such as how to paint on ceramics, shoes, glass, etc…–sometimes it doesn’t turn out well and sometimes it turns out awesome! One of my painting classes this week was of some funky summer cactus. Wait, what’s the correct plural of cactus? Oh yeah, cactuses–just kidding..cacti. Well, here’s the painting for your viewing: Continue Reading

Quick Trinket Tray

So you’re the crafty type that loves making gifts…here’s a fun one that takes about 20 minutes to prep and just 30 minutes to bake. The supplies you around $3 per packet of PREMO Sculpey clay. I chose around 4 colors: periwinkle blue, white, antique gold and bright gold

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