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Houston Christmas Office Party Employee Quiz

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, the dreaded Christmas Office Party. There is always quite a number of employees that fit the “office party cast.” Which one of these holiday characters best fits you?

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Successful Houston Teambuilding Activity Tips

Your 14 Teambuilding Tips

Choosing the right teambuilding activities for you company can be a bit overwhelming in addition to being stressful.

Don’t worry, here are 14 helpful tips that hopefully will make this task a little easier.

  1. Purpose / Type
  2. Activity Level
  3. Appoint Manager
  4. Find Out the Total Number of Participants
  5. Budget
  6. What is the Goal of the Teambuilding Exercise
  7. Venue
  8. Transportation
  9. Extras: Food & Refreshments
  10. Simple reminder…Make it Fun
  11. Say Cheese
  12. Remember to Relax and Enjoy
  13. And the Survey Says
  14. Momentos


Decide on the Event’s Purpose & Type

 Identify type of teambuilding activities
A.  Creative
B.  Community Outreach
      C.  Social / Ice Breaker

Determine Your Activity Level

Remember to keep in mind everyone’s physical limitations or time limitations. 

Also, keep in mind the weather conditions if you are choosing an outside activity.

Appoint an event manager/coordinator

Appoint someone who can devote the extra time to plan. This task will be time-intensive and take prioritizing.

Above all, make sure you or someone you appoint has that time!

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