How to Acrylic Pour Painting for Beginners – Houston Art Class & Wine Glass

Is This Really Art?

Is there a support group for Obsessive Compulsive Pour Painting (OCPP)? If so, I’ve taken the first step, it’s admitting I have a problem with OCPP.

One late night while I was browsing through YouTube, I saw a the most awesome technique and I’ve not look back since!

Pour Painting, also called Cell Painting or Fluid Art.

Fluid Art Pour Painting is a great technique that anyone can do!

Ok, ok, I’ll admit it,

I’m the first to “call out” just splattering paint on a canvas and labelling it “art.”

Having formally studied art/painting my entire life, I truly believe it just shouldn’t be so easy to paint, one must experiment, fail, try again, again and again.

Practice, practice, practice along with having the discipline and character to try and “perfect” the method.

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