Houston BYOB Painting Classes are Great Couples Date Night Ideas

Houston couples date night ideas

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It's the weekend & you finally got time with your spouse for a date night

Your mom and dad offer to be the babysitters for the kids…

or maybe you finally got the courage to ask that special person out for a first date.

Great, but what to do? What are some fun things to do in Houston?

Sure a romantic dinner is definitely the call especially if you're married or even dating and celebrating an anniversary, but what to do afterwards.

If you are on your first date, what activities are a creative way to relax, talk and find out about this person.

Art Class & Wine Glass has solved the puzzling question about what fun date night ideas you can do in Houston.

Experience the joy of painting together where one person paints one canvas that is the left side of the masterpiece and the other person paints another canvas that is the right side. When you put the two canvas together it makes one masterpiece.

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You can also choose from other cute painting themes on our paint themes page. Two wonderful locations to choose from - Vintage Park ( which is the premiere destination location in Northwest Houston ) or in the Galleria area off of I10/610 at The MarqE ( extended hours Friday and Saturday ).

Whether you just started dating your girlfriend / boyfriend or have been married to the your wife or husband for years, planning a couples date night is simple at Art Class & Wine Glass.

Schedule an experience to remember Today! Don't forget you can choose your day, time and project. Plus, bring your favorite drinks and snacks to make it a complete event.
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