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goVino Shatterproof Wine Glasses are Perfect for Picnics, Patios and the Pool
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goVino or goHome

Now you can take real wine glasses anywhere - the park, tailgate parties, the pool, the patio, & beyond while peserviing your wine's taste just like fine crystal - not that plastic taste that plastic cups have and with no risk of broken wine glasses.

Why do govino products look & perform like fine crystal? The award-winning govino wine glass reflects a wine's color & projects its aromatics much like fine crystal. Also, the goVino signature notch lets you aerate your wine with a secure grip.

All govino wine glasses products are made from a flexible, BPA free polymer, which properly showcases all types of wines. govino products are recyclable – but better yet – they are totally reusable. Combine your goVino shatterproof wine glasses with our Tote + Able Canvas Wine Totes and your ready to go!