Come get Messy at Houston's Ultimate Splatter Paint Room

Houston Splatter Paint Room

How it Works:

First - You can call to schedule a time for your session or you can walk in (based on availability)

Second - Our staff will prep you before entering the splatter paint room. They will provide a smock (for children) or coveralls (for adults) along with shoe coverings, head covering and gloves. We ask that you consider wearing something that is rather old so that if you get paint on your clothing, you are ok with it. This paint is permanent and will not wash off clothing shoes or other personal belongings.
This activity is strictly for ages 6 and above.

Third - Once you are suited up, our staff will walk you to the splatter room where you choose your paint colors. Once paint is prepped, we will teach you the technique on how to splatter paint. Now start the fun! All kids or adult sessions take approximately 20 minutes.

Finally - Once done, we take the painted canvas off the easel and dry. Ta-da! Your masterpiece is done!

houston splatter room