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houston bachelorette party ideas

Bachelorette parties or hen's parties have come a long way since their conception in the early 80's. From a simple bridal shower with friends and family to an action-packed weekend extravaganza in a party city destination or a booze cruise with all the bridesmaids. After all, this is one of the last nights of independence for the bride till the big day - the wedding service.

Now, I know what you are thinking...

Strippers, naughty party favors, sexy butlers, etc...

Don't get me wrong...that sounds like a blast, but for some celebrating your pre - marriage activities (such as your grandmother or younger cousins) that type of activity may not be appropriate.

7 Terrific Reasons Why Painting and a glass of wine make the PerfectBachelorette Party Idea

1. Perfect Icebreaker between bride's family and friends = creativity and fun times!
2. BYOB - Bring your own snacks and drinks and save money
3. Activity that everyone can participate and not be embarrassed
4. You will leave with a momento to remember this special event
5. It is the perfect start to your action packed itinerary for the night or weekend
6. Weddings are stressful, painting is a great stress reliever
7. Perfect daytime event

How to Schedule your Houston Bachelorette Party

  1. Choose your location: Willowbrook Pavilion ( NW Houston ),The MarqE( Central Houston ) or your location.
  2. Choose to paint:
    1. 16 x 20 canvases - COST is $35 per person ( offsite is $40 per person )
    2. wine glasses ( each person receives 2 wine glasses ) - COST is $40 per person ( offsite is $45 per person )
    3. wood pallet signs - COST is $44.50 per person ( offsite is $50 per person )
  3. Choose your time.
  4. Call 832-474-2585 to schedule your bachelorette party.

How about if we don't have enough for a private party?

A private party is 10 painters Friday - Sunday and 8 painters Monday - Thursday; however, you still can schedule a smaller walk-in group. To schedule a walk-in group on Friday or Saturday you will have to call no sooner than Wendesday morning of that week; to schedule any other day you can call anytime.

Call YourBachelorette PartySpecialist Today - 832-474-2585

Don't forget...

No matter how you're celebrating your bachelorette party, firstly congratulations and secondly, please be careful if celebrating with liquid libations. We recommend having a designated driver or better yet, rent a party bus, limousine or ride-sharing service to get you to all your bachelorette party places.