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Treat Yourself to a Fun Filled Day of Crafting in The Vintage

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So you're a PINTEREST ADDICT but don't have the patience or knowledge on how to accomplish those fab craft projects and are tired of the average canvas paint classes? Leave it to the crafty people at Art Class & Wine Glass (at The Vintage) to get you there! Offering two Sundays per month craft classes to get your craft on! Choose to bring your friends for even more fun and remember its a BYOB so bring your latte, vino or sparkling water for a fun Sunday afternoon. We encourage family activities and invite moms to bring their teens along for added fun. From simple pillow and shoe decorating to intermediate projects such as creating 3D light installment on canvas, we will help you have fun while learning! There's something for everyone. Start the new trend of "making" a gift instead of buying one. Make it come from the heart and personalize it with favorite colors and more! Let us take the craft project to a "fun" and enjoyable level. There are also plenty of off-the-shelf craft projects that you can create such as bracelets, wine glasses, wine bottles, glass lamps and canvas shoes just to name a few. Located in The Vintage (with great restaurants), get a bite to eat before or after crafting. So treat yourself and let's start getting crafty today. Our mission is to pass on the passion of creativity with fun, relaxing activities.